Notes from a Child Psychologist

Understanding My Child's "Bad Behavior"

June 08, 2022 Dr. Tasha Brown Season 1 Episode 21
Notes from a Child Psychologist
Understanding My Child's "Bad Behavior"
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This may be one of my favorite episodes!

This episode continues my Mental Health awareness series. This series has focused on bringing it back to basics by discussing common mental health conditions that children are very often diagnosed with. With mental health entering mainstream conversations, it is critical that we all have a solid understanding of how mental health impacts the everyday lives of children and adolescents.
 This week I am discussing common disruptive behaviors. Specifically,  why it is so important for parents and caregivers to understand where disruptive behaviors come from. I also discuss how we can intentionally support children who present with these disruptive behaviors. Lastly, I talk about the importance of changing the language we use when talking about children with disruptive behavior. 

 Note of the Week
- Guide to Problem Behaviors

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(Cont.) Understanding My Child's "Bad Behavior"