Notes from a Child Psychologist

What Every Teacher Wishes Parents Knew!

July 26, 2022 Dr. Tasha Brown Season 1 Episode 27
Notes from a Child Psychologist
What Every Teacher Wishes Parents Knew!
Notes from a Child Psychologist +
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Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Back to School and Your Child's Mental Health Series
Back-to-school can be an exciting time for many parents, caregivers, and their children
and for some parents/caregivers and their children, it can be an anxiety-producing time. With the start of the new school year, it is SO important that we talk about what your child needs to succeed. We know that success looks different for EVERY child. One major way we set children up for success during the school year is to think critically about the many ways that we can support their Mental health, and that's what this series is about.

This week’s episode is an interview with Ms. Odessa Sam. Odessa Sam is a licensed NYC educator with over 10 years of classroom experience. I love this episode because Odessa gives great examples of how parents of younger children can help their children build a strong educational foundation. In this episode we talk about learning gaps, how to promote early learning, building a healthy collaborative relationship with your child’s teacher, and taking into consideration “the whole child."  We also talk about ways to support your child who is doing well or excelling academically. This episode is a must!

Links Provided By Odessa! 

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