Notes from a Child Psychologist

How to Know If your Child Needs Therapy

April 05, 2022 Dr. Tasha Brown Season 1 Episode 15
Notes from a Child Psychologist
How to Know If your Child Needs Therapy
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Show Notes

Don’t be afraid to broach the topic of therapy/mental health treatment with your child. 

Parents are often surprised by how willing their children are to speak with someone about what is going on in their lives. Many parents make the assumption that mental health may mean that their child will be stigmatized or that they may automatically require medication or even a hospital stay. What we know is that therapy can be a great place for your children and adolescents to learn new coping strategies, learn problem solving skills, and can even be helpful in improving your relationship with your child.

Today we are going to jump into a few ways that you will know your child needs therapy and what that looks like for them.

Welcome to another episode of Notes From A Child Psychologist. 

Episode Highlights:

•[00:01:30] Note of the week, Signs Your Child May Need A Therapist.

•[00:03:33] How to know your child needs therapy and what therapy is.

•[00:05:34] What therapy looks like for children in adolescence and what actually happens in therapy for children in adolescence.

•[00:09:29] Many sessions may take place virtually 

•[00:11:00] A lot of therapy for adolescents looks like playing or drawing, or even sketching because these are forms of communication for children.

•[00:13:44] Position yourself in such a way that your adolescent knows that therapy is a safe space for them and do not expect for the therapist to reveal everything that was discussed during the session.

•[00:16:50] Common signs to know that your child needs therapy.

•[00:18:40] Ask yourself, is this causing significant impairment in my life and is this changing my family dynamic.

•[00:21:14] America is currently in a mental health crisis and waiting list are full, so it is best to monitor the symptoms that you are concerned with along with interventions.

•[00:24:54] Therapy is a process and some treatments may take longer than others. 



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Note of the week- Signs That Your Child May Need A Therapist

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