Notes from a Child Psychologist

Navigating Conversations About War and Conflict with your Children

March 08, 2022 Dr. Tasha Brown Season 1 Episode 10
Notes from a Child Psychologist
Navigating Conversations About War and Conflict with your Children
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The complexities of foreign policy and long-standing feuds between nations are too intricate for adults to understand let alone children. Therefore, I understand why many adults shy away from having conversations about war and conflict.

This podcast exists to assist parents and educators in navigating these critical conversations so that we can protect the mental health of our children. In this episode, we discuss how to talk about the War In Ukraine with our school-age and adolescents children

My goal with this episode is to give adults the tools to help children manage the emotions that come with exposure to images of war and extreme violence. We want to help children develop empathy and ease emotional distress. 

Show Highlights:

  • [00:01:45]The importance of fostering empathy and providing children context into what's going on in the world. 
  • [00:02:43] Difficult conversations provide parents and caregivers with the chance to help children develop an emotional vocabulary and critical thinking skills - Listen as I share other benefits of providing safe spaces to talk about emotions.  
  • [00:03:24]How do children process complex information? Join me as I share what happens when children don't have context and the importance of developing compassion in children. 
  • [00:06:19] Note Of The Week- Talking To Children About War
  • [00:07:52] Understanding is not based on age but cognitive, social, and emotional functioning - Here I share how to discuss the war with various age groups and conversation starters. 
  • [00:17:47] The problem with news and media is that is not designed for children. Listen as I share strategies for protecting children's mental health.
  • [00:30:50] Strategies for understanding the emotional language of children and how to adopt their communication style to encourage open dialogue.
  • [00:29:15] Self-care for parents and caregivers and the importance of modeling authenticity is explained here.

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(Cont.) Navigating Conversations About War and Conflict with your Children